Construction Zone (WIPs)

Works in progress. You can consider these tracks sneak peeks of possible future releases from members of LukeW music. The names are basically codenames, they will most probably change. Also, these tracks don’t necessarily need to be actually finished and released (that’s why they’re here, they got rather uncertain fate)

Twelvety9 – Test Zone (Hardstyle) – WIP since 9th June 2020

Originally just a kick tryout melody.

Twelvety9 – Nostalgia (Trance) – WIP since 18th June 2020

Trial version of a core plugin expired, can’t afford to buy it. This might be the last version ever (or at least for a long time)
Finished/removed tracks:

Twelvety9 – Rock the Party (Eurodance) – WIP since 11th August 2020 [prod. title “TF I know”]


Tracks on this page are not licensed under Creative Commons license. If you wish to use them, please send an email to LukeW music. I won’t bite your head off, but be aware that if you use these tracks (to which I have all rights reserved) without consent from LukeW music, they might be taken down. Though if you use these tracks commercially without consent from LukeW music, I’m not gonna be nice.
This is to give me some time to finish these tracks by myself, if I decide to do so. And also I don’t consider these tracks an actual representation of my work.

Thank you,
Shift Silver.