Artwork by Shift SIlver

After discovering the furry fandom, Twelvety9 decided to make a huge comeback as Twelvety9 Reloaded. This track is based on a story that gets told by the track itself. Full of feelings and meanings (and sub bass), always progressing and never really coming back. This was considered a masterpiece for some time.

An idea of remixing (evolving) this track came up in 2019, which contributed to making the album To The Stars. It is the only track that got reworked after some time (N00b also got reworked, but not long after the original release). The remix carries the story much better than the original version. Coming back to this track, some parts of it are still frequently used either as a motiff or sound effect in Shift Silver’s works (His “jingle” is derived solely from this track), confirming it as the most important Shift’s creation.

Original release date: December 30, 2016
Remix release date: January 31, 2020

Composition, production, vocals, mix and mastering by Shift Silver (Twelvety9)

The Music


Twelvety9 – Visitor

Visitor (album edit)

Twelvety9 – Visitor (album edit)

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