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Twelvety9 is a music producer from Czech Republic, focusing mostly on electronic music, but also hi-hop beats and occasional orchestral compositions mixed within the electronic music.

The first appearance of Twelvety9 is “BILL” roughly in 2011 with his remix of Julian Smith’s Techno Jeep track. Half a year later, he found out about FL Studio DAW thanks to Czech rapper Revolta and started producing electronic music as DJ Littlewolf. The first track, called N00b was released on August 8, 2012. It was remixed a few days later.

Getting into hardstyle, as it was Twelvety9’s original intention, he changed his name to The Luckazz and released hardstyle remix of Eiffel 65 – Blue, later putting it down due to not meeting his quality standards. It’s the only track he released under that name. Various remixes of Tim van Berkel’s tracks were made, but never released.

After the last rename from The Luckazz to Twelvety9 he stayed true to hardstyle by making sets, first one being S-Dedicated, followed by S-Dedicated 2 and three episodes of Hardlife. His music production began to shift to more specific electronic music, far away from his original intention. Tracks like Unknown Angel (first release under Twelvety9) or Memories (melodic hip-hop beat, released under pseudonym Alex912) are perfect examples, although occasional house or trance tracks were produced too. After Memories, he had a long break, just trying to create at least one track per year. Tracks like Visitor or Hollow Shield were released in 2016 and 2018 respectively. By the end of 2019, he made a comeback with his first album To The Stars, which was a reaction to personal life events of 2019. The influence of T-LARC pushed him forward mostly in orchestral compositions, since he was Twelvety9’s main source of musical inspiration for the album.



N00b remix

Eiffel 65 – Blue remix


Unknown Angel
Relativity of Time
Project PM
Techno Try
Next Step
Randy Katana – In Silence remix


Traintech (or Techtrain, no one really knows what the actual name is)




Hollow Shield
Rotten Arrow
Repeat (the original track was called RepTheCrap, featuring Cave Johnson)


To The Stars (9 track album)
No Escape
Rock The Party


Adventure (EP)

Shift Silver suddenly disappeared in December 2020, leaving most of his projects unfinished. There was no prior announcement and we do not know anything about the situation and what it really means for Twelvety9. Max has recently (as of March 2021) only received instructions on how to handle the label “which will continue to exist even after releasing a last set of selected tracks (an EP and maybe a few singles) to close the journey of Twelvety9 in 2021”.