Support The Doubt

Genre: pop punk, rock, country punk

Band Members

Vocals: Shift
Drums: Mike
Guitar 1: Jack
Guitar 2: Dunno
Bass: Luke
Keyboard: Twelvety

About the Band

Support The Doubt started in 2017 with their song “Don’t Worry” as a nameless band that just hung out every now and then. Started by Luke, Mike and Jack. Their priority is to have fun, instead of putting maximum effort to quality and sound, and to make fun of things. But the latter isn’t always the case, since they got few rather serious songs. In 2020, Shift joined the band, replacing Luke on vocals, who’s been focusing on bass and songwriting from then on. Together with Luke they wrote most of their songs. Soon after Shift joined the band, Dunno appear from nowhere to try second guitar which they so desperately needed. In the same time, they also agreed that Twelvety is basically a band member too, since he delivers any electronic music elements they might need for their songs.

Their main genre is pop punk all around it, but they also got into something they call country punk. They are not performing live and never will be, as the quality “wouldn’t be up for Luke’s and Shift’s standards”, who are considered the band leaders. The face of the band is considered to be Mike. As you can see, this band is very chaotic, which in fact perfectly reflects the band itself.


Currently none, except for I Don’t Care demo recording and Don’t Worry from early days of the band when Luke was still on vocals.

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